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Welcome to this page!

The whole reason for this website, is that I hold a hope that Someone coming across this page, might have realised this world is not enough! And it is difficult to find truth.

We are created in God's image. This fallen world, full of sin and impurities, can not fill the void in your heart, no money power or fame can truly touch the depth of a soul that burns for love, justice, and peace. And truth!


Jesus, from the line of Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Judah, Ruth and Boaz, David, came through immaculate conception, God-man, to teach us of this incredible kingdom of love through forgiveness of sins, who was to be the ultimate blood sacrifice for His fellow Jews, the Chosen people of God.

He was resurrected, along with many others on that day in AD 40, and He ascended into Heaven, awaiting His return for His beloved Israel and the gentiles who have laid their lives down for Him, for His Bride.


This site is about Truth, and unashamedly so.

I am a teacher, passionate about Jesus and the Word of God. He rescued me from the pit, and I am not ashamed to worship Him from the ramparts, to use His name with all authority against the powers and principalities. Jesus has told us "Do not fear".


We are all learning through this life.

Through repentance and forgiveness and transformative thinking from the leading of the Holy Spirit and reading and absorbing the truth of God's Word to us, we are touched by a profound love and understanding that will give you peace, joy and a hope that the world can not offer. 


He is calling you,

(Your Name)________________today. 

Be blessed by what you read and see here! and possibly open to change.

This page has everything I am passionate about - Scripture, Music, there are small libraries here on ancient archaeological finds that prove the authenticity of the Bible, prophetic teaching, prophetic worship, and excellent international teachings that you may not know have been around, revealed to worthy scholars and tested prophets. Links to click on and take you into your own indepth study.


Any thing you hear that is new, questionable or you are not sure about, take it back to the LORD in prayer for discernment and truth. Everything should be tested.

Bless you!


Do you know you are no longer
under bondage?

My water baptism in the Jordan River, Israel in February 2020,

with Ps Ian Bilby

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