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DMM Coastal Ministries


... is located on the Sunshine Coast, SE Queensland.


Deborah Monro (CEO) Grad.Dip.Tchg, Grad.Dip.Arts, Mus.B, Dip.Bus.

... believes in the Holy Scriptures, principally

the Hebrew (OT) and KOINE Greek (NT)

- in taking time to research the Scriptures carefully,

faithfully endorsing the written Word, in her teaching.

Deborah is also guided by the foundational theological teachings of

Derek Prince and Chuck Missler to affirm interpretation, context and application.

She is affiliated with HOP HOUSE OF PRAYER

on Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba TRPN,

trained through Vision and Harvest Bible Colleges.

and she is inspired by Christian educators and teachers who have trained and worked internationally as she has done and move intimately in the Prophetic.


Deborah is a trained Specialist Teacher in languages,

performance arts teacher in Music, Drama, Dance, Speech & Drama,

literacy and numeracy teacher for disability and support services.

She is also a linguist and passionate researcher of ancient history

and Greek and Hebrew translations for almost 30 years.

Deborah has three grown sons 2 of whom are in the defence force

in Australia and UK., and a young granddaughter. She is proudly a third generation teacher and her granddaughter a third generation dancer.

Tabernacle of David worship, Sunshine Coast
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