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I have found turning away from self to others, shifting the focus to love and serve others, is key to overcoming HURT, SPIRITUAL REJECTION, BITTERNESS, INFECTED EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, to achieve DEEP HEALING and refreshing, renewal, by the HOLY SPIRIT!


Deborah has three grown sons, two of whom are in the defence force

in Australia and UK., and a young granddaughter. She has lived and worked in 5 countries, and now lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia as a Teacher, Ministry theologian and researcher, discipler, and aged care support worker.

Solid teaching directly from the Bible, with a faith based on FORGIVENESS, REPENTANCE and HUMILITY, will squeeze out PRIDE, EGO over self, And with deliverance and prayer over WRONG THINKING, OPPRESSION and SPIRITUAL leakage, over wrongful thoughts, habits and beliefs we can truly be SET FREE and at LIBERTY to live in FREEDOM and TRUTH. 

The whole reason for testimony, and on a webpage like this, is for holding a hope in that someone coming across this page, will be blessed by what they read and see here and that they will be open to change through repentance and forgiveness. To exercise these is simple enough to say, but they take intention and forbearance, and will take time. They do not let anyone off the hook; you do not have to go back and restore that relationship, especially if it was toxic, no way. Neither are you or I expected to rebuild trust with that person again. Forgiveness simply sets us, and them free. We can let go! And we can be free to heal, to continue on in our journey of growth and maturity, to love and live and build trust again with others who are respectful, kind, Bible centred. To live a life that is guided by the Holy Spirit, to be purposeful, whole, and living in holiness, spiritual abundance that brings in an unspeakable peace and joy that only comes from Jesus our LORD.

My own story is much like yours, having been raised a certain way and finding out that living your life is your own journey and discovery after all, and it is not simple! Every look and word toward me used to matter so much -

I was rejected and abandoned to boarding school at 9, parents left our home and the care of myself and my sister at 7, and I was sexually active by 16, termination at 17 while still at school, and the story goes on but I tried to break free through travel, working abroad, and finally finding Jesus at 28 years of age, single mother of a 9 month old baby boy, and truly lost.

Since then, my love for piano was my drawcard to worship, my love to teach Sunday school and eventually post grad degrees in music, teaching, English and the Arts. I continued to search for love and partnership in a husband who was likeminded, but having emotional hurt the men I met did not have the capacity to trust. My strength of independence and capability, which boarding school and travel and single parenting all do, attracted men who were emotionally wrecked, weak, and in time, insecurities and flaws arose, rekindling my resentment of the paternal failure I experienced as a child. I was a magnet for, and repeatedly played out a failure for unmet expectations.  Toxic relationships, abusive marriages and infected emotional wounds from my childhood, and later partners, despite my gentleness of spirit, strong faith, and integrity, continued to poison my personal life and often affect my children. But there did prevail strong elements that were faith-based after my commitment to Jesus in 1991, creating a strong foundation for effective faith and Christian-based parenting of my own three boys, eventually moving away from the toxicity to another country to build a house, a business, stability, spiritual thriving and growth, and slowly a ministry and as a single parent this took great courage and tenacity! Looking back, I wonder how I did that, and I know it was the Holy Spirit working in me!

Deborah has overcome physical, mental, emotional and financial abuse and suffering in marriage and toxic relationships, childhood rejection and abandonment,

She has lost her home, ministry and experienced church hurt.

Deborah has come back from utter brokenness and the desire to give up and even die.

DIE to self, rather than DIE for self!

What is your Story, and do you know your Purpose? I would love to hear from you!


Much love, Deborah

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