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Who are you in the body of Christ?

Have you wondered, "What am I doing for the kingdom?", "Where am I going?" and perhaps even "Who am I?"

At Deborah Monro Ministries, we offer people of all ages, stages, no matter where you are in the world, where you are on your Christian walk, free resources in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We have a range of resources to take your first step to affirming your gifts, your identity in Christ!

Your Faith is important to us, and for it to grow strong, support is also offered through your choice of Prayer, Prophecy, Gift activation resources, Identity and mandate awareness: all of which unlocks your potential as a World Changer; to be free to be active in your community with the assuring dunamos power within. Knowing "Who I am", because you are connected and recognise your identity in the awesomeness of "I am" (El Elohim) and being motivated by that mantle you have in Yeshua, in Christ! I am so excited for you!

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