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Ministering at LSAC

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. Ps 46:4

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Coming up this Sunday

Our guest speaker for our final meeting in 2018 is Dave Bugler. Join us for another awesome night as we celebrate Jesus and the coming year. Dave and wife Deborah have a passion to fulfill the call Christ has on their lives, to reclaim territory for the Kingdom, and to encourage and empower the body of Christ in these times. Dave, born in Salisbury Rhodesia, is currently a major shareholder, director and manager of an electronic solutions company with offices in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba. He has a BSc degree in Ecology and a background in the SAS, and later worked from LA, Singapore, Japan and Scotland as a diver on the oil rigs.

Dave and Deborah, a specialist teacher of 25 years, have 6 children between them.

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