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Identity - Your sacrifice


Think about it.

If you sacrifice something that is valuable or important, you give it up, usually to obtain something else for yourself or for other people.

Sacrifice is the selling, finishing or giving up of something at less than its supposed value.

Yeshua was Himself the ultimate Sacrifice, the spotless Lamb, so we could be free.

He was the person who surrendered Himself, was arrested, abused, wrongfully accused, condemned, killed.

He was, and is the penalty for our sin, our separation from Holiness.

Jesus is our eternal Gift from Abba Father.

In order for the next level to come, for growth, productivity, enhancement,

Some thing has to give!

It often isn't pretty.

It will probably hurt. A lot.

Consider this for a moment.

Your tithe.

Your sacrifice.

What is it?

It might be constant, it might change.

Consider this: your tithe,

Being Time.

Time is a precious commodity to us all, it cannot be bought or sold.

Time is our very life. It is the period we have in our day, our week, our year and our lives. It is our work, our free time, our sleep and everything in between.

We are possessive of it, we jealously guard it knowing its weightless but qualitative value.

Consider this. Give your time to the Lord.

Give it freely to Him.

With glee!

Because knowing what it is to trust Him with your house, your money, your family issues, your sexuality, your career, your hopes dreams and desires, you can know that you know that you know that Jesus is the ultimate partner, parent, businessman, kinsman Redeemer and friend.

You know He is the incredible Creator of all, even of time.

He knows well the preciousness of your life and all that is in it, encompassed by the realm of time.

With your permission, He will care for you and your life, holding your time here with the preciousness of a Redeeming Saviour to fulfil and purpose you more than you have ever dreamed of, that carries you from this life into eternity.

No one else has ever had the capacity to do that, nor will there be anyone who comes close.

Jesus has been given all authority in Heaven and earth.

He is the Master of the Universe, and He can change all things for you, making the impossible very possible for you, if you allow Him.

Trust Him.

Try it.

I could not wait to see what He would do!

He blew me away!

- deborah monro

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