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Identity - Your Transformation

from Steve Rogers to Captain America

If you are a Marvel fan,

You may remember the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America?

It took a puny guy a huge spirit, faith, focus and determination. But wow! The physical transformation was amazing.

On an actual timeline of real people in the Bible, spiritually focussed men and women like David, Gideon, Joshua, Sampson, Deborah and Barak, Moses, even Saul to Paul, Simon to Peter, Abram to Abraham. They all took a huge step of change in their lives, names, commitments, belief and they lived out their faith to the full.

They all knew,

Taking the Step of Transformation into a life of

Faith, Strength and Power takes a

personal, unconditional decision from within.

But be assured, like them, you will not be alone.

When you are standing before God on your day of Judgment,

You don't want to also meet the 'You' you could have been.

I encourage you,

Take hold of what you know you can be,


Aspire to that, on a daily basis

And begin the Transformation of the 'You' that is

Every Thing You Can Be.

Don't miss it!

- deborah monro

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