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Building Resilience

Building Resilience


I want to update some of you who have not heard or seen me for the past month. I am still alive! I know I am not alone, many of us have had incredible Christmases, holidays, and time away or with family. Some of you have had a wonderful time, followed quickly by sudden loss or maybe your situation changed very quickly, as it did with me in the early new year, and more is unfolding. These times truly are testing.

But I want to encourage you. If you are feeling challenged, in shock, reeling from things said or done that has left you thinking: “What on earth happened just then?” then I will say Breathe. Lay it down. Give it to the Lord.

For it is when we hand the Thing over, He has full access, and will work through us as well, to bring wholeness. You just need to be strong, have faith, and keep steadfast. Remember, we fight not flesh and blood, but powers and principalities, and this kind of war is increasing, affecting our relationships, our ministry, jobs, community, our nation, society, and across the globe. It is almost overwhelming. But our hope is in the Lord, whom we trust.

Yes the tears will roll, the grief will continue. That is part of the process. But it is not our responsibility to Fix It, or to Label It, or Let Them Know What I’m Going To Do About It, because I Want To Get Even, or Feel Better.

This morning I was lying on the floor, legs and arms straight like a plank. I was in a room full of twenty women or so, meditating, breathing, finding 5 -10 minutes of peace and rest after a 50 minute exercise routine. It was so difficult for me to get centred, to dismiss the hurt and pain I have been feeling, and I immediately called: Yeshua! Where are You? And then I felt His presence on my left, Jesus sitting beside me on the polished wooden floor, holding my hand, and loving me. I swear if any one was looking in my direction, they would see a woman with tears rolling down from her eyes into her hair and ears, and a man in his early thirties, calmly and quietly taking her hand and kissing her fingers held in His.

It was my moment of Truth. I am not alone. I am not holding dominion over what has happened, but I am patiently relying on, trusting in Him to bring me through it.

And Them.

So, be encouraged. You are loved, and not alone. And it will get better. And Better. And BETTER ...

- Deborah Monro

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