A WORD 4 NOW - Revelation in the Well of the Word - Hebrews 1 v1-3, 9, 14

The well God has provided for us in His Word, is deep. He wants us to draw from His truths. Jesus is the Word, the Wellspring of Life, and He desires us to dwell and encompass ourselves with the radiance of his being, His Word...

To have His peace, His rest, and to continuously be in His presence, which I can say from personal experience, is vital to health, and stability, in all times, and especially in these times of restriction and control over our lives with the CoVid19 pandemic.

I encourage you seriously, to delve into the well of the Word! And you will live in great abundance and prosperity because His name is above every other name, His Word is above every news report, and Christian youtube speculation. He will deliver you and guide you through all your needs and bring you to a place of fruition purpose and truth while enveloped in His love.

God bless you heaps,

Deborah x