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A local Sunshine Coast woman tells her challenging life story coming through violence, dysfunction, abuse and trauma to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ, despite massive obstacles put in front of her new found faith: a counterfeit move of God and a personal testimony of new age spirit and the spirit of witchcraft that were operating in the church.

Hannah's brave delivery boldly addresses the deep desire God has called for His church, that deliverance must be complete for the Bride to be ready for her LORD's return. There is great freedom from trauma, dysfunction, to complete healing when there is repentance and a turning away from unholy and watered-down teaching of the Word in some churches and "soaking" meetings and movements. The narrow gate of Matthew 7:13 has a sincere clarity in Hannah's story, and is a good word for the church.

This is an audio interview with added video content, as Hannah did not want her physical identity to be known due to the highly sensitive nature of the content of her testimony.

Deborah Monro Bugler

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