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5781 new Hebrew year means ...

Hebrew Year 5781 : Aleph in Pey (of the mouth)

Rosh hashana, the FEAST OF TRUMPET (Jewish New Year celebration) 19 Sept 2020 launches "A Year to Widen Your Mouth in Silence"

In the Old Testament, these events happened in the month of Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah):

  • 10th: Abba gave Moses the second set of the Ten Commandments after he broke the first in his anger over Israelites' sin. This was the first Yom Kippur in the history and marked a great repentance of the nation Israel.

  • 8th: dedication of the temple that Solomon built for Abba. Today, we are the temple of His Holy Spirit.

  • 17th: Noah's ark rested on the mountains of Ararat - this signifies divine rest after the judgement was done.


REPENT - turn from your sins, your rebellion

DEDICATION - re-dedicate yourself to Jesus, to Yeshua

REST - enter into divine rest having passed the test of faith, that Abba will find you weighty.

Questions to ask ourselves:

Who am I really in Him?

What is the purpose He has set for me?

Do I really mean to know Him, to serve Him?

Weigh yourself in the balances, are you found wanting? (Daniel 5: the writing on the wall: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin followed by a famine for 7 years, just like in the story of Joseph).

Explanation of 5781:

We are in the decade 80 - PEY/PEH (mouth)

and the year 1 - ALEPH (ox), one of the four faces of Jesus (Ezekiel) depicted in Mark: the tireless Messiah, whose focus is doing the will of ABBA.

It is a time of REFINING of our mouths, our words, to speak ONLY what ABBA tell us to speak, boldly, to be a hearer and a DOER of the Word. To walk in greater rhythm with Him, where we become more PRODUCTIVE, yet restful.

It is also, a time of SILENCE, famine of sorts, so prepare, do not be idle lazy or slack, we are in a period of grace for a limited time.

Aleph also is a picture of three-in-one, or hashilush hakadosh. Just as there are three parts to Aleph, but Aleph is One 1 (echad), so there are three Persons to the G-dhead, yet G-d is absolutely One.

The gematria of the word Aleph (אָלֶף) is 111

(Aleph=1, Lamed=30, and Pey=80).

Just as there are three parts to the written Aleph, there are three meanings also.

One is אלוף, aluf, which means a master or a chief.

The second is אולפנה, ulfana,a school of learning or teacher.

The third meaning is reached by reading the letters of the word back­wards—פלא, pela (pronounced peleh)—wondrous.

The letter aleph itself is formed by two “yods”, (Two Yuds/yods in a row designate the name of God Adonai - the plural of the majesties of LORD) one facing upward, the other down, and is separated by a “vav” stroke between.

Jewish scholars reveal the “aleph” as a picture of the separation between waters, Heaven above, Earth below, both connected by the stroke of Torah. If we were to translate “aleph” in light of the New Testament then, the two Yods also would represent outstretched arms or hands reaching both to mankind and to G-d. The diagonal Vav represents the sacrifice of Yeshua on our behalf, the Lamb who was slain in silence. And since Yeshua is the Aleph and the Tav, the letter represents His divinity, His humility in silence as He opened not His mouth when He was unjustly accused, and so on. Jesus is the "Vav" which connects earth to heaven (the two yods) and makes known to us the Silence of the Father through the body of the G-d-Man. He is the Aleph-Tav, the beginning of wisdom and the end-point of all understanding.

Many will certainly hear a greater call to prayer, to repentance, toward deeper humility, and to trust in the Alpha and the Omega who is one in the Aleph-Tav.

Before there was the Word, there was the Silence of the Father. Jesus is inviting us to not only meet the Father face-to-face in prayer, in the silence of our hearts, but to know His thoughts for us.

Aleph in Pey is the words of our Intercessor, Yeshua, in our mouths, speaking the meaning of love. By this the world will know we are His sons and daughters. Let our prayer be His prayers. His peace, our peace.

This year, it will appear to many that G-d is being silent amidst the tribulations, persecutions, suffering, chaos and confusion; but do not fear, G-d has not abandoned us, when G-d chooses to be silent,

Silence, although seemingly adverse or even contradictory to a cause, is a virtue.

True Humility is the key.

- Deborah

acknowledging Malka Ministries, Sheerah Ministries

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