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Navigating the woods for the trees in 2024

It seems life is getting more complicated. The atmosphere is rife with information with so many slants on each subject. Our friends don't respond the way they used to, if at all. It seems every one is carrying an offence, a wound or hurt of some kind, and no one is prepared to reach out. What is happening?

Time too appears to be out of control. A day can be consumed with numerous tasks, and equally with one on another day. Our energy levels are not what they once were, let alone our immunity system.

What is going on?

In all this confusion, walking through an average let alone a busy day can appear overwhelming to many of us. The familiar path is now hidden, covered, or appears to have vanished altogether! Time and space is not the same.

"Since time sets it own tempo, like a heartbeat or an ebbing tide, timepieces don't really keep time. They just keep up with it, if they be able... Time to clock as mind is to brain. The clock or watch somehow contains the time. And yet refuses to be bottled up like a genie stuffed in a lamp." - Dava Sobel ("Longitude", 2005). Ships until the latter 18th Century were generally hit and miss when it came to navigating the seas, for with latitude, the parallels across east to west could be travelled knowledgably enough, but longitude? Numerous wrecks and bodies lost at sea go into the hundreds of thousands. John Harrison, genius self-taught horologist, craftsman and musician, based his resolution on the longitude clock from constructing a table measuring 'true' (solar) and 'mean' (regular) time using exceptional materials to compensate temperature extremes and violent movement potentials, with exquisite references to the musical scale of all things! Without the consistency and reliability of measuring time and longitude, distances and paths could not be covered accurately and destinations were often many miles off. In a storm or foul weather, this spelled impending disaster at its extreme, and with water or scurvy dilemmas, certain threats.

In these days of fluxating time, sensibility and where the signposts of truth and logic were once grounded, it is certain we can lose our way in the truth of life. God is our Timekeeper. We trust Him with our day to day, our path, and our purpose and call in this life, all of which lead us to Him and our gift of eternal life with our Creator Father. It is to Him we find our truth, following faithfully the person of the Holy Spirit as our guide (Psalm 23 v 3) in whom we trust to bring us through the impossible, the unnavigable, the difficulties, confusion and fears.

The Hebrews were taught on the eve of their massive evacuation from Egypt, to apply the blood of Passover (where the angel of death 'passed over' the houses of those who had sacrificial blood brushed on their door lintels on the night of the taking of the first borns: adult, child, and animal alike). We too, today, should apply the blood of Passover on our hearts. Our lives are no longer our own. And our hope is in a life far greater than this one. However, we are called to extraordinary faith, to stand on the rock who is Jesus, Yeshua Messiah. We are called to stand together with fellow believers, as trees where our roots and branches our grounded and connected to Christ. It is then we can truly see. We can navigate the complexities of this world and hold on to the hope we are not alone, but indeed, are covered, protected and loved in the most unimaginable ways!

Be strong, and live free, in 2024!


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