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Painting Wall

Hannah persisted, Rahab resisted,
Deborah judged and arose,
Esther exercised grace,
Mary relinquished,
Bathsheba fell and got up again to sit with a king,
Miriam worshipped,
Anna waited,
Sarah laughed then embraced!

What about you?
What is your story?
What will they say about you?

ABOUT: About
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Endorsing the Written Word of God

I believe wholeheartedly and am mindfully guided by foundational theological teachings, planted in the Word of God by God Himself, to affirm our understanding from English interpretation, context and application primarily through these foundational and reliable texts: 
NIV 1st Century, The Israel Bible (Torah Neviim Ketuvim 2021), KJV (King James Version), Berean (BSB), and The Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible texts direct translations.
It is so important to have accurate and truthful translations in days such as these where there is the potential for deceptive and thwarted Scripture.
Deborah is formally trained through Vision and Harvest Bible Colleges.

Deborah is a teacher, facilitator, advocate and encourager.
She is also a linguist (Grad.Dip.Arts Linguistics, include recent Hebrew, Egyptian study, 30 years English language, literature, Japanese and French teacher) and passionate researcher of ancient history.
Travelling is Deborah's passion and she has travelled to over 34 countries including Israel and Jordan, and she has lived and worked in NZ, UK, Canada, and for the last 16+ years in WA and QLD Australia. She is currently working with the Brisbane Catholic Education Office as an Instrumental Music Teacher, and the Queensland College of Music as Distance Learning Liaison Officer.

Deborah Monro Music and Ministry supports local and international ministries, for we are diligent in that the whole world will know
the Gospel and our Saviour Jesus Christ,
to the very ends of the earth!
We actively, financially and prayerfully support:

106.5 Salt FM (Sunshine Coast QLD AUS)
ALPHA Australia
ANGEL Studios: The Chosen (USA)
Christians for Israel (AUS)
Collective Shout active organisation (AUS)
David Hernandez Ministries (TX USA)
FIRM Israel (USA)
Koorong Christian Bookstore Australia
Trees for Israel (IS)
United Soup Kitchens (Israel)
Vision Christian Media/Radio (AUS)
Youth for Christ (AUS)

Deborah in Bethlehem pictured with Ps Pete of Brisbane and a young local shepherd, Feb 2020.
Keep up your ability to laugh at everything!

The Proverbs 31 Woman, v25:
She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Tabernacle of David worship, Sunshine Coast
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