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Getting Free of ANXIETY & FEAR


the Oil the Wine & the Grain

The Order of Melchizedek, King-Priest


Fine Tuning the Watchman

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The 5 Love Languages - for couples

Based on the bestselling book by Gary Chapman,

30 Question quiz to identify your primary Love Language.

We all feel special when our love tank is full. 

But do we know what our primary love languages are?

How are we different from our partner?


This short quiz will give you an indication of what your love language is, and your partner's, and you can begin a new chapter in your love life.


This resource may help you in this area of your life and I recommend its use be taken prayerfully.


The Nature, Personality and Sensitivity of the Holy Spirit

What Scripture tells us of the extraordinary person of the Holy Spirit.

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The Personality Profile Finder

Based on the Myers Briggs Personality Types,

A personality questionnaire to understand your personality type, from how you see the world to making decisions.

The Myers-Briggs internationally renowned type indicator, developed by mother-daughter team, completed in 1944, is widely known to be extremely accurate and is still universally trusted as an accurate indicator.


This is a simplified version of the Test, and may help you understand your personality type in more depth. Please use this resource prayerfully.

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