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WEEKLY MINISTRY: What's Happening
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The DEBORAH Initiative
a place of refreshing, equipping

Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, break out in song! Arise, Barak! Take captive your captives, son of Abinoam.  Judges 5:12

Women of Valour will Vanquish JEZEBEL

Narrated by Deborah, authored by Wanda Alger


Narrated and Authored by Deborah



Water Baptism



6 WEEK new Christian, Discipleship COURSES 


(Deborah is endorsed by author

Rev M Bennett, Annerley QLD)

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COMING in 2021!

  "Deborah Anointing" workshops

"Where are My Ruths, My Esthers, My Annas, Hannahs, My Deborahs?   

My Josephs and My Daniels?"

- the LORD is calling you to come forth unto Him!

The Deborah Anointing

Deborah, of Judges 4 & 5, was the 4th judge and only woman judge of Israel. She was a prophetic seer, prayer warrior, strategist, mother, wife, soldier and worshipper - songwriter and singer. There is a current fall of GRACE on the anointing of DEBORAH at this hour.

This workshop is loaded with activations, gift and mandate discovery, learning about strategies, identity and each woman's position as part of His church in this season and beyond, gleaning from the richness of God's Word on the anointing Deborah carried, and introducing others - Esther, Ruth, Hannah, Rahab, Bathsheba, Abigail. 


10am - 12noon - FULL

"The prophetic word and exercises pushed me out of my comfort zone, but because of this I have grown so much! Being so new to the faith I still found all content of this workshop fairly easy to digest (I guess that is due to the Holy Spirit helping me absorb what I needed to absorb.).. I loved the workbook especially and also the spiritual gifts exercise. Presentation was excellent and things explained in a way that I could always understand. Love you Deborah xxx" - Heather
"Deborah thank you for seeing in me what I could not in myself and with your loving ways and anointing from our God, empowering women to see our worth, power and our created value in who we were always meant to be in the LORD! I thank you for your strength, love and devotion to God and to His beautiful daughters everywhere!" - Deanna
"Deborah is a truly amazing teacher and so building for all the women in the group. So bless I found you all!" - Miranda
"What an honour and a blessing to know these women...I have grown so much in the duration of this course and Deborah your gift of teaching and what's happening at the Activation Station is phenomenal. I can only encourage others if you are looking for refreshment, empowerment, connection and activation, get in touch with the wonderful woman Deborah. There is prayer and worship mornings, courses, love, support, and she is a true discipler - anointed and appointed by the Lord! I am beyond thankful for the wisdom imparted throughout this journey, the beautiful amazing gifted women who already feel like family and so excited for more!" - Skylee
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