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On Miracles

About Miracles..

We are living in the days of Suddenlies. The tangible presence of God and situation at the Throneroom and the Holy of Holies. Miracles accompany these days, in the tabernacle of David, partnering prayer, worship and utter devotion. We can expect the unexpected. Why? Because Miracles… properly understood, never violate natural law.

Yes, he is perhaps my most favourite author since I was 8 having read my first 'proper book', "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe", Clive Staples Lewis is a compass for me when it comes to writing, having the authority of sound Godly literary perspective. He was a poet, theologian, and all round, an amazingly intelligent, creative and respected scholar, novelist, and thinker.

So, on Miracles CS Lewis once again points to North for me, as he said,

“It is inaccurate to define a miracle as something that breaks the laws of nature. It doesn’t. The laws of nature tell what WILL happen provided there is no interference. A miracle IS an interference with nature by a supernatural power. Miraculous elements in a Biblical narrative do not therefore preclude it historicity.”

Miracles are acts of God therefore entirely possible, if there is a God to take action. If you assume God does not exist, then miracles are therefore impossible, but if He does exist, then there’s a possibility, miracles do occur.

Thank you, Mr. Lewis x

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