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The Order of the Melchizedek
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THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, KING-PRIEST. A teaching for Today, 2023.

Little of Melchizedek is said, though his position was very clear, and the era in which he was King of Salem and priest of God Most High, a KING-PRIEST.

He is mentioned only in two verses: in Genesis and in Psalms (which is quoted in Hebrews), so how did he get to his prominent position as having an everlasting priesthood?

The Order of Melchizedek is prominent in the life of the devoted Christian today, the roots are drawn from Abraham's encounter at the site of ancient Jerusalem, and the Priesthood of Yeshua, Saviour and God Incarnate of our faith.

Even in the midst of the current times that is threatening our freedom, this ancient teaching from the Word dating back to over 4000 years, connecting the beginning of the Priesthood, Kingship, and Redeemer-Saviour by way of the New Covenant 2000 years ago, will encourage you today. God's Word is alive for you to directly interpret His Truth into your own life, diminishing the lies you have been told as you walk with the Holy Spirit in the Order of Melchizedek, the order of a King-Priest when walking in Christ!


Deborah Monro


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