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Women of Valour will Vanquish Jezebel!

"It Is the Women of Valor Who Will Vanquish Jezebel" by Wanda Alger, Winchester . Virginia. Prophetic word received on 6/2/2021: There is a new breed of women rising on the earth. A new company of women "brave-hearts" are emerging who carry an authority not given by man, but gained through personal victories. These women have already been tested by the pharisees of religion and been confronted by the seductions of the snake. They have already faced the powers of the age and have overcome. Most have remained unseen by the masses because they never sought the spotlight. They have been quietly exercising their spiritual muscles in the secret place and overcoming devils with an audience of One. Yet, they have been recognised by the hosts of Heaven, for they have demonstrated not only strength of soul and purity of heart, but a distinguishing characteristic more commonly given to the warriors of old: VALOR.

The Days of the Mighty Women of Valor "They helped David against the band of raiders, for they were all mighty men of valor and were commanders in the army." (1 Chronicles 12:21) It is these mighty men of valor that history repeatedly commends for their valiant strength and strategic abilities to fight, as well as their fierce loyalty to the King. In an age when women were not invited into battle, it was these mighty men who received the privileges of rank, the honours of victory, and the spoils of war. This pattern continued throughout the generations as women were relegated to the sidelines and deemed unprepared for battle and unfit for war. But the days are now upon us when the battles are no longer about physical prowess or a competitive edge. The war is no longer between flesh and blood but between principalities and powers of the spirit. It is in this realm that these women of valor are coming forth as special agents that have been held in reserve for the strategic warfare of our time. They do not listen to religious or politically correct spirits, for their zeal for the Lord is greater than their fear of men. Their passion for purity is greater than their quest for recognition. The sword in their mouths is not for personal satisfaction, but for dismantling the strongholds of devils. (Photo via Flickr) The Overthrow of Jezebel They have been uniquely prepared for Jezebel's last stand and are ready to overthrow her regime. Knowing her wiles and deceptions from personal battles, they have been trained and equipped for the strategic strike. With childlike faith and a lion's courage, these women of valor are fuelled by a love for their King, and the King will not be denied His daughters' victory. There is no cause to question their str

ong boldness or their focused courage, for they are not motivated like Jezebel. Where Jezebel is jealous for her title, a woman of valor is zealous for her King. Where Jezebel strives to control, a woman of valor rests in her confidence. Jezebel seeks revenge on her enemies, but a woman of valor seeks restoration of the Body. Jezebel is bitter towards authority and pursues her own platform, but a woman of valor celebrates God's leaders and serves the people. Where Jezebel usually operates from a wounded soul, a woman of valor is compelled from a heart set free. Because these women of valor have already laid down their lives and seek no name, they cannot be bought, bribed, or tempted by notoriety. Though they battle with the fine-tuned skill of a seasoned warrior, their walk of humility mantles them with unusual authority from above. It is these very these qualities for which Jezebel is consumed with contempt for these women of valor. Knowing their authority to crush the serpent's head, Jezebel has sought to take their place and silence their voice. Accusing them of the very tactics she uses, her distractions and deceptions have now been exposed as treacherous and fraudulent. It is for this reason that Heaven will use these daughters to strip Jezebel of her counterfeit robes and take back the stolen crown. The first Jezebel was called out by Je

hu, the Israelite king, but it was the eunuchs that her threw her to her death. Where many mighty men have challenged the authority of this lingering principality and spoken of her demise, it is the women of valor who have been given rights to destroy the devil's lair and vanquish Jezebel's reign over the nations. Having previously been castrated of their God-given authority to speak for the King, these prophetic women of valor will take their place and be silent no more. The Rise of Mothers Over Nations Not only will these women of valor be honoured and celebrated for their place at the King's table, some will rise up as mothers over nations to bring deliverance and healing to the land. They will be esteemed for their wisdom, counsel, and courageous actions against those who threaten the King's domain. Theirs will be the mark of Deborah, the prophetess, who foreshadows the kind of mothers that will be called to lead the charge and deliver nations. (Photo via Piqsels) "The villagers ceased in Israel; they ceased to be until I arose; I, Deborah, arose as a mother in Israel." (Judges 5:7) These mothers of nations will exhibit fierceness in battle but a tenderness of soul. Theirs is a Heaven-anointed combination of resolve and compassion, assertiveness and patience, boldness and meekness. It is for the generations to come that these women of valor and mothers of deliverance are being brought forth to disciple their children and their children's children after them. It is the King's good pleasure to welcome these women to His courts alongside the men to usher in this new era of Kingdom prosperity and expansion. Daughters: Your Time Is Now and Your Victory Is Assured!

It is time to recognise this company of women and call them forth. Their humble disposition has kept them hidden, and yet, it is the very selfless nature of their heart that is desperately needed in the battles of this age. The enemy has no hold and Hell has no authority over those who walk in humility and purity of purpose. They are the ones religion would deem weak and inferior, but Heaven calls them highly favoured and worthy of their due. As the first shall become last and the last shall become first, Heaven now issues the charge for women of valor to come forward. Your time is now and victory is assured. "And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you all that you ask, for all my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy [valiant] woman." (Ruth 3:11 ESV, emphasis mine)


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